For Upcoming African Filmmakers: AMAA Launches Voices Africa Short Film Project

Good news for upcoming African filmmakers!

The African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) team have launched a short film project titled Voices Africa, a platform geared towards encouraging the production of short films in Africa.

Upcoming African filmmakers across the continent will be put to test with a monthly challenge as trainees through AMAA mobile Film training project (Film in a Box). Each month the best story will be developed and produced as a short film.

President of Africa Film Academy, Peace Anyiam-Osigwe expressed, “We hope to produce tens of short movies every year. We have decided to sponsor only the stories that project the light in Africa. We shall use these stories to explore the beautiful cultures and traditions that Africa is known for. Also, we know our stories will explore the challenges of Africans and draw attention to critical issues often lost in the News.

“Over the next couple of months on our website, we shall be seeking stories through our monthly story challenge. For a month, Africa will share with us the sparks that keep her lights on.”

The best five stories will win a $500 prize and will be produced through the Film in Box training programme. These short films will also be showcased during the 2015 AMA Awards.

“We are looking for a new crop of film professionals to help us liberate the visual misery of Africa and create the reality of Africa with truth and light at the end of the tunnel,” 
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