EbonyLife TV Joins the Revolution in Promoting African Content

Good news for African content!
Two weeks ago I was channel hopping, seeing as I’m always in search of stations dedicated to African content. I came across a brand new channel 165, Ebony Life TV, a channel I fell in love with at first sight, from a mere show I found captivating so; there was no turning back.

About EbonyLife TV
Ebony Life TV is the new kid on the block and a brand new channel on DStv, channel 165. The station is owned by Nigerian Media Personality, Mo Abudu. Many of you may remember her from her talk show ‘Moments with Mo’ on Africa Magic.
The station is also referred to as Africa’s first global black media and entertainment network with 24 hours of premium home-grown programming. 

Mo Abudu

Back to revolutionizing African content and black owned media. ELTV is without a doubt a breath of fresh air, joining the likes of Africa Magic to drive African content and tell our stories from an African perspective.
By the structure of their programmes, you can tell there is a well guided and informed strategy properly implemented and executed.  Programming varies from storytelling, comedy, fashion, politics, life and coaching and so much more.  Not only are the programmes spot on, the selection of presenters is very interesting and diverse; with a mixture of some Nigeria’s finest talent catering to young, old, elite and people at the grassroots level audiences- which means the channel caters to well-rounded demographics. 

Why the fuss about ELTV? Well, for years we have watched television featuring other people’s stories; other people’s narratives or when it is African stories, our stories are told from an ‘interpreted narrative’ which hardly ever matches our reality. So, the coming of ELTV plays a huge role in dispelling stereotypes about Africa, giving African people a fresh perspective to identify with - one which represents us as Africans.  From their promo you can see their mission is thoroughly researched, with the sole aim to change the world’s views about Africa and they are doing this through driving African content. 

There’s a new voice on Africa’s media platform to entertain, engage and inform its people.
The more African owned media houses we have, the better for our stories and the continent, people can draw inspiration from creative African minds from all sectors, and maybe this will help us prevent the issue of conformity and brainwash that have affected our people for years.  As Africans, we are always more willing to adopt westernized ideas sold to us by western media even if we cannot relate, we are more than ready to jump on a bandwagon all in the name of fitting in and being ‘cool’. 

When we speak of Africa Rising, such channels are part of the equation. I cannot wait to live in every moment of what ELTV has to offer. It is going to be a captivating journey, one that will introduce me to some of Africa’s change makers, personalities whose stories instil hope and push me to aspire to so much more and not be placed in a box. The best is definitely yet to come.
Now I can add another African channel to my list, after Africa Magic.  #AfricaRising.
The revolution is being televised as we speak, who knew?!

For more information log onto: www.ebonylife.com

Photo Credit: EbonyLife TV
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