East Africa's Afrika Mashariki Fest Launched - Event Set For 8th October 2014

More festivals celebrating Africa and geared towards integration and youth, we can't complain about that!

Afrika Mashariki Fest is a brand new African event that was recently launched as platform for the young generation of the East African region to meet and deliberate on issues pertaining the fast tracking of the regional integration.

This year's event will premier on Wednesday, 8th October, 2014 at the Mandela National Stadium in Uganda's capital city Kampala with a line up of East Africa's finest.

This year's theme is, 'Engaging the young generation in the fast tracking of the integration through art forms and Artists'.

How the festival will benefit the East African community?

"As a result of this regional social event and the youth delight conference, the East African Community will realize the following benefits among others:

A platform for the East African Community to address the conference on the Sustainable Development Goals 2015 (SDGs) and how they can be achieved in the region.

Meeting and networking with the youth from different youth organizations across the East African region.

The youth-the future leaders will be able to understand the history and key objectives of the integration aimed at uniting and strengthening the East African Community as a block.

A platform to meet face to face with thousands of youth from across the region and address them on the key issues pertaining their involvement as key stakeholders in the integration.

Mass publicity through different media platforms across the region which will be used to create awareness and marketing the Africa Mashariki Festival."

A platform of this nature is long overdue. Just the other day, I was saying African governments ought to take the Arts seriously and incorporate them into their framework. It is good to see the gathering will bring East Africans together, especially the youth in the name of integration and celebrating arts and culture. From there on, you never know, it could turn into a continental festival. 

For more details, visit amasharikifest.com.

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