GER: To Be Separated - A Documentary About Sudanese Hollywood Actor Ger Duany's Search For His Family

GER: To Be Separated is a documentary by award winning Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu about Sudanese hollywood actor,Ger Duany's life from a child soldier to a Hollywood actor and model. The doccie follows the life of the now Hollywood Star who escaped the war in his country of birth, Sudan.

Before having a successful career, the then 14 year old Ger Duany fled to Ethiopia where he eventually got asylum in the United States. While in the US, Duany developed a love for basketball which helped him secure a college scholarship, but during an off year caused by injury, he ended up getting cast by chance in a film which and he later on exploring a modelling career.

Ger with his mother. They're united after 18 years!

His story takes us back to Ger searching for his family which was was displaced in the 1980's. He also visited Kakuma Refugee with UNHCR Kenya to reunite with his long lost family. Not only did he re-unite with his family, Ger also took part in active citizenry by voting for a democratic Sudan. If you're into documentaries that portray adversity and happy endings, then this is for you.

Watch the trailer:


It is liberating and inspiring to hear stories of people who are not defined by their circumstances. I also love the fact that he is telling his own story; his narrative. Nothing as beautiful as Africans telling OUR story not from any outsiders' perspective but ours.

Photo/Video Credit: Ger Duany
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