Love Sex Money: Shuga Radio Naija Episode 4

Image by MTV Shuga


The lovebirds, Bitrus and Patricia conveniently bump into each other at the classroom, before all the other students arrive. They have a heart-to-heart about Talatu, as Patricia sadly reveals that her school daughter is being beaten. Mrs Osagie continues making Talatu’s life a misery as she demands Talatu finish the house work early in the morning, before leaving for school. Bellowing children are lazy and need “a tough hand”.

 Mr Osagie seems to pity Talatu, and provides her with some “comfort”, following Mrs Osagie rant. 
Although his leering eyes suggest his intentions could be quite sinister. Mrs Balogun is in utter disbelief that students in her class are sexually active. She shows disgust at Miss Uju’s teaching methods, insisting the Safe Sex Club is bad and children just need to be smacked with a cane instead. However, Miss Uju firmly disagrees, believing it is better to earn the students’ trust.

 Encouraging them to abstain but if they can’t, to just practice safe sex by using condoms. Soji, is still chasing his cousin Bayo for an American green card, wondering why it still hasn’t arrived, especially after all the money he has sent. To make himself feel better, Soji is keen to see his sugar mama, Mama J; in the hopes that he can make more money to fund his trip to America. The future of the Safe Sex Club hangs on a balance as Mrs Balogun’s fierce objections could see it closed down; much to Miss Uju’s and the students’ disappointment.

What should Talatu do? Should she tell her madam, her school mother, the police, or a close friend about

Mr Osagie’s advances? Who can young people like her trust in such a situation?

Source: MTV Shuga

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