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Africans You Should Know: First African Female Boeing Captain Irene Koki Mutungi

Captain Irene Koki Mutungi is the first ever Kenyan female pilot for Kenya's national airline, Kenya Airways where she worked for six years before being promoted to Captain of the Boeing B787 Dreamliner in April 2014.
Prior to her promotion, she served as the first officer on the 767-300ER which is the second largest aircraft in the Kenya Airways fleet after the Boeing B777-300ER.

It is without a doubt that in the world of aviation, males dominate; it is a 'man's world' so to speak. Therefore the presence of people like Captain Koki Mutungi is not only a personal professional accomplishment but also a bridge for more African females to pave their way into the high ranks of the aviation society.

Woman at work: Captain Irene Koki Mutungi in her element

It is refreshing to see women of Captain Mutungi's caliber. It reminds us of the cliche that, 'you can be anything you set your mind to'. So long as you put in the hard work, discipline, dedication and determination. I'm all for such inspirational stories of hope, breaking boundaries and stereotypes of what women should do and rise above the limiting norms society has set upon us, especially African women.

Somewhere in the deep villages and urban cities of Africa, this story will inspire the African girl child to believe in their ambitions and dreams, just like our Pride of Africa Lupita Nyong'o said, no matter where you're from, your dreams are valid.

Never stop dreaming!
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