South Sudan To Host Cultural Festival In June

South Sudan will be hosing an African-themed cultural festival in the capital, Wau come June, to promote tribal diversity. The opening will be officially launched by South Sudan’s president Salva Kiir on 15th June, with performances from various states to perform traditional dances.

South Sudan's Minister for information and communication Alfred Drick Oya says, "So far, 49 dances of different tribes will be displayed during the festival."
In addition to that, art, drama, theatre, traditional and modern music, poetry and cinema will be showcased. 

Various African artists across the continent have been invited to take part in the seven-day event, including Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Ethiopia and South Africa.

The minister says the event aims to engage both local and international acts and to promote South Sudan as a peace-loving and culturally diverse nation.
He further adds that the event will help the local artists in the country to again momentum from the international experts across the world.

If the festival goes as anticipated, it will help attract tourists to the region despite ongoing conflict in the country, which erupted in mid-December last year following a political split in the ruling party, reigniting ethnic tensions across the country.

The North East African country is the youngest independent state in Africa  after gaining independence in 2011.  Despite its new beginnings, the country has been politically unstable with tribal tension, so hopefully this festival brings South Sudanese people together for a common good that is celebrating humanity and unification.
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