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"Silky Smooth Straight Hair Was Not My Only Option" - South African Actress & Model Roxanne Kalie Talks About Natural Hair


South African actress and model, Roxanne Kalie spared a moment out of her busy and demanding schedule to chat to us about her beautiful afro,  natural hair and all things inspirational.
You may have seen her on billboards world wide and on your television but that's not all about Miss Kalie,  she's got a girl next door attitude, an ambitious soul sista and all round beautiful personality.

They say your hair is your crown. Roxanne's crown is hard not to recognise and admire hence the chat out of curiosity to share her hair regimen; we had to ask her and here's what she had to say.

About Roxanne Kalie

A 24yr old woman born and bred in Cape Town. I model and act, among other things, full time.
I was scouted in a shopping mall at the age of 13 and that's where my career in this industry began.
Since then I have done countless print and television ads for both local and, if not more so, international clients as well as a few reality tv shows.

My passion lies in television hosting/presenting, and I know that in the near future my commercial acting and feature film work will get me the recognition I desire, to make the most impact on the people and in the lives I wish to inspire. Currently 80% of my work is commercial acting and the other 20% is spread across modeling, styling and photography.


What is your hair regimen?

My hair regimen is similar to my face regimen, it consists of 4 simple steps: wash/cleanse, condition and comb (rinse) adding a styling product and low heat drying with a diffuser. My goal is to maintain its healthy shine, strength and still be soft to the touch. In my opinion there's nothing worse than a coarse, brittle fro! Two to three times a month I do protective styling, where I use a leave in treatment or rinse-off deep conditioning mask etc and keep my hair in a bun or plait etc.

Why did you choose to remain natural?

Like most of us, our mothers are probably where we first learned how to treat our locks. My mom used to relax my hair every few months, because back then I was like Dianna Ross' daughter and dear mother needed some chemical assistance to handle the kink. 

I first started wearing my hair in its natural form in high school..when I was able to manage it myself. What probably gave me the confidence to do so was a trip to Europe when I was 15yrs old. I wore my fro out because I was too scepticle to have it blow styled overseas..(in my mind anything could happen!) I got so many compliments which probed the thoughts, that maybe 'silky smooth straight hair' was NOT my only option. I got mixed reactions once I went back to school from learners and teachers alike. But my mind was made up, natural was the future! ha ha. No matter what the media persuaded most of us to believe.
I definitely prefer natural well kept hair, it does take some effort but much less than having my hair straight does. It comes naturally to me and I choose to work with my curls, not against it.

You sources of inspiration are..

India Arie, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott and Solange Knowles- without the weave;-)

My daughter's hair is different to mine, so thankfully I don't have to go through heated hair struggles with her lol. 

On natural hair  Advise....

I would encourage every girl I know to keep it as natural as possible (less is more). The media is there for our entertainment, and it is fun to experiment with different styles etc but just because we see something over and over, doesn't mean it's the only thing that's beautiful and attractive. Some men say that females who go out of their way to dramatically alter their appearance are the ones to stay away from! (I know music videos tell us otherwise ha ha) 
Embrace what you were given, work with your hair, it is an extension of yourself.

A rising star to look out for; keep an eye out for this talent. Don't say we didn't tell you! ;-)

Wishing Roxanne all the best in her career as she continues to shine whilst rocking her natural crown with pride.

You can follow her on:
Twitter : @ROXCizzle
Facebook: Roxanne Jamie Kalie
Facebook Page: Roxanne Kalie

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Roxanne Kalie
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