Keko Releases New Video: Fly Solo


The "Queen of African Rap", Keko has yet another new video. The new track is titled FLY SOLO.

There's no doubt that Keko is holding it down not only for her home country Uganda but East Africa and Africa as a whole. Being in a male dominated industry is no joke and she still manages to keep the brothers on their toes; giving them a run for their money with her flow is promising for African hip hop.

A while ago, I watched the Ugandan Cypher and she was the only female MC representing amongst UG's usual hip hop suspects, Klear Kut (Navio, The Mith and JB)GNL Zamba and Luga-flo lyricist Nelly Saint-Sade and many more.

I'm glad she's signed to a reputable record label, Sony. Keep them coming, KEKO.

Side note: In your next video, we want to see choreography and dancers, abeg!
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