Bokeh Fashion Film Festival Cape Town Set For 5-7 June 2014

The Mercedes-Benz Bokeh Fashion Film Festival is South Africa’s inaugural Fashion Film Festival taking place in Cape Town over a three-day, style-infused extravaganza between 5-7 June 2014 at the Crossley & Webb showroom. Fashion capitals the world over have been successfully executing such stylish events giving the fashion conscious unparalleled insight into some of the world’s top designers’ creative process and unique perceptions of these iconic brands.

The Fashion Film is a genre pioneered by fashion’s greatest minds including Karl Lagerfeld, Bruce Webber and David Simms and has garnered unprecedented response from leading fashion houses and brands as the quintessential way to introduce collections to a global audience. The festival will include several designers showcasing their unique collections featured in the motion picture affording the audience to connect with the film on an emotional level, further personifying the brand.

“Our involvement with fashion is a central component of our lifestyle marketing activities, and the Mercedes-Benz brand partnership with the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival plays an important role in highlighting our perspective in the world of fashion film,” says Claudia Walters, Marketing Communication Manager, Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. “Fashion and automobiles are actually more closely linked than one might imagine at first glance. Design and image govern both industries, and are among the most important determining factors to the success of both automobile and fashion brands,” adds Walters.

To celebrate this collaboration, Mercedes-Benz has offered a stunning prize to the winning filmmaker who will be recognized with the Mercedes-Benz Award, together with a substantial US$5000 cash prize. The brief to the filmmakers is concise yet enticing – ‘Stories in a Mercedes-Benz’. This gives participants the boundless freedom to produce a short movie that best captures the essence of this iconic automotive brand and potentially walk away with the handsome prize.

Press Release.

Time: 10am – 10pm

Cost: free

Venue: Crossley & Webb showroom, 15 Solan St, Gardens

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Photo Credit: Bokeh Film Festival
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