Africa Day Menu: 5 African Traditional Dishes You Should Try Out

In celebration of Africa Day, I have compiled a few African traditional dishes you should try out. If you love your food, these dishes would do for a great food adventure, one of them could end up on the list of your favourite dishes.
Africa is known for it's rich mouth watering cuisines.

Photo Credit: Ugandapicks

Luwombo is a Ugandan traditional dish served in banana leaves with matooke and beef/peanut butter The peanut butter/beef is steamed in banana leaves and served with mashed matooke.

The banana leaves add flavour to the stew. Matooke refers to green bananas prepared as a meal. It is the most common staple food in Uganda.


Photo Credit:  Ethiosports

Injera is an Ethiopian dish made of teff and water with teff being the tinniest grain in Ethiopia. When mixed with water, Injera turns into dough.


Photo Credit: Eatout Kenya

Proudly a Kenyan dish, Githeri is made up of corn and beans. You can also add as many vegetables as you want to add to the taste and flavour. Cabbage is one of the best vegetables to add to Githeri, so delicious for days. But you know how we Africans love our meat, you can have some Nyama (meat) if you want. 

Photo Credit: Nigeria Daily News
If you watch Nigerian movies on Africa Magic, then you may, consciously or subconsciously  have heard of Gari (Naija accent). Gari is made out of fried grated cassava. 

Oshithima and Omboga

These two are Oshiwambo traditional dishes, one of Namibia's most populous tribe known as Ovawambo. They are prepared with a touch of Ondjove oil to add a luxurious flavour.
Oshithima is a type of pap (hard porridge/posho) from Omahangu meal. Omahangu is a type of meal/wheat cultivated by the Ovawambo tribe in Northern Namibia.
Ombonga is a type of spinach that grows spontaneously in Owamboland during rainy seasons

Ondjove is considered a delicacy. It is a special type of oil made from Marula tree seed nuts and a small amount of oil (about 1 to 2 tablespoons) are added to a dish for a luxurious flavour.

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