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WaAfrika Online is a Pan-African blog dedicated to Celebrating Africa!
We aim to share African content whilst acknowledging and celebrating our beautiful diverse continent (made up of over 50 countries) in all aspects with a mission to educate, entertain, inform and promote Africa to the world. There's more to Africa than the negative light it's constantly portrayed in. Welcome to the other side of the Africa they do not show you.


Amanda Hawker

Amanda is a Cape Town based writer. She loves history, music, writing, travelling and HBO TV series. Her favourite writers are Ken Saro Wiwa, Stephen King and Toni Morrison. In her spare time she writes short stories and explores the lesser-known tourist spots of Cape Town.

Stella WaAfrika

Stella is the founder of WaAfrikaOnline. A Pan-African at heart and a strong believer in girl-child education. She's a documentary enthusiast and an avid tea lover, because chai is life. 

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