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A Being For Other Beings

By Rachel Landes

The swelling sun and heat of Cape Town is black against the white skies and woolly weather of Johannesburg. The pace is quickened here, different to the lazy mornings of the sun-drenched coasts. The swimming pools are puddles next to the sea, and I find myself craving its company.

Cracked pavements, winding trees, bushy grass. Hair pinned back, and sun glancing off the glass sheet that acts as a wall between outside and inside, as she explains to me how there is no outside and inside.

‘Ubuntu,’ she says. ‘It means human-ness, an understanding that we are all a part of each other. Sharing, loving, giving. A being for other beings.’

And then her wide, open face collapses into hills and furrows as she flashes me a smile.

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