Spotlight On Ugandan Film 'THE ROUTE' Directed By Jayant Maru

Jayant Maru is a second generation Indian born in Kenya and lived in Uganda. Currently student at the University Of London International Program studying BSc Sociology With Law. Having divided his time between Uganda, Kenya and London has given him an opportunity to balance out the differences in society both Negative and Positive...

He is also a TEDx independent event organizer in Uganda and so far has altogether 5 TEDxKampala and TEDxMakerereHill Events under his belt..

His film career started when he attended the Tongues On Fire Film Festival in London and was inspired by the film making industry because throughout his youth, he aspired to be an Actor, Writer and Filmmaker. Having the passion for film making burning inside. He returned to Uganda and worked as a production manager in a film "Everyday People" (2011).

In 2012 he debuted as a Lead Actor in the film "Hang Out" and was nominated for Best Lead Actor at the Pearl International Film Festival. Having had some film making experience and attending various workshops and self taught Jayant Maru Ventured in his Directorial debut in 2013 "THE ROUTE" a film set against the backdrop of the brutal Human Trafficking Industry which was invited at the African Movie Academy Awards for a screening at the Bayelsa Book and Craft Fair on 18th-April-2013.
Jayant Maru was also invited for 3 weeks by the African Film Academy to train the Youth on Directing and Acting for Film in a Box in Malawi. And the Certificates were given to the students by H.E President Joyce Banda.
At present this creative is working on a short film "Watch over Me" and Feature film: “KENT & KATE”.

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Press Release:
Award Winning Film to Screen at The National Theatre of Uganda.Release date: 26th/July/2013 , MAHJ Films & Punchside Filmz will hold a public screening of the A ward winning film THE ROUTE a movie set against the backdrop of the Human Trafficking Industry. On Saturday 22nd February 2014 and Sunday 23rd February 2014 at the National Theatre of Uganda. There will be two screening daily at 3:00pm and 7:00pm. Tickets are 10,000 Uganda Shillings and will be available at the National Theatre Box Office.Synopsis:A story of a girl Samantha in her teenage years comes to reality after the sudden death of her father that without money life will be very difficult to deal with since she was removed from her school for not being able to pay her school fees in time. An attempt to convince her only mother to let her move out so as to pursue some work to earn that needed money failed. With ambition in her mind as any teenager in the world would posses. She left her middle class existence in pursuit of financial gain in the capital city of Uganda, Kampala. Giving up her home, family, and all possessions leaving behind a letter to her mother informing her about her sudden escape to the city whilst giving confidence of a successful return. Homeless and hungry on the street of Kampala city, sleeping by a bus stop she is woken up by one  a stranger (Sam) on the streets of Kampala. As they engage in conversation she gains confidence in the chap and follows him to meet a friend who might offer a  job to her in the city. Having found Love in a City where life moved peacefully. THE ROUTE changed and Samantha was Shipped 14,000 miles away from home to South East Asia and that was the beginning of her journey into the brutal world of Sex Trafficking. What happens next is a tragic reality of the Modern Day Slavery...... The Film, Which won the Best Feature film in Uganda 2013 at the Nile Diaspora International Film Festival 2013, was also nominated for best feature film categories at the Uganda Film Festival, Silicon Valley African Film Festival and Manya Human Rights Film Festival.The film was also invited by the African Movie Academy Awards in 2013 to have a private screening at the Bayelsa Book and Craft Fair.The International Organization for Migration has also teamed up with THE ROUTE in efforts to raise awareness against Trafficking In Persons in Uganda and had screened the film in Jinja and Mabale towns  to a large number of youth and held workshops  on awareness about Human Trafficking.The Route was also screened at the US Embassy in Uganda to a group of chosen NGOs in Uganda.For more information contact: Jayant Maru , TEL: +256712110201, E-mail:
Images from movie scenes:

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Checkout the trailer: 

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