Save The Date! Cape Town Carnival Set For March 15th 2014

                                         Cape Town Carnival Thematic Artwork for 2014

The Cape Town Carnival is a glamorous celebration of African identity, diverse communities and cultures, and the transformative power of creativity.

The theme for the Cape Town Carnival in 2014 is “Imagine” and we’re all set to tickle your imagination with endless possibilities. It’s an opportunity to gather together, bring your boldest and brightest moves and enjoy a shared celebration on the city’s streets. Everyone is welcome. And anything is possible! 15 March 2014 will see the 5thCape Town Carnival explode onto the Fanwalk in Greenpoint , Cape Town. With over 2 000 costumed performers, a spectacular parade of giant floats and live musicians, it’s an experience you simply can’t miss.

Own the streets! From 3 pm the FanWalk turns into a pedestrian walkway filled with fun, food and folk enjoying the freedom of their city streets. Enjoy the festive vibe in a safe and secure street market area before the spectacular Carnival parade will begins at 7:30 pm! Then party the night away at the Carnival end-party which will feature DJ Fresh and South African super-band MiCasa.


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