Interview: Quick Q&A With Uganda's Queen Of Rap Keko

Born Jocelyn Tracey Keko and affectionately known as Keko to her fans. The talented Ugandan artist has been on the music front since 2010 and has since forged a career in a highly competitive male dominated industry.

 The self proclaimed queen of rap has taken East Africa by storm with her lyrical prowess whilst doing Uganda proud.
Her popularity has skyrocketed across the continent such that there is no doubt that she's destined for greatness and breaking boundaries.
We recently had a quick Q&A with the star and here's how it progressed.

Being a Ugandan female rapper is?

Being female rapper is .... incredible especially repping from the East

Three words to describe Keko?

Keko is versatile energetic and smooth

Where and when did your love for music kick start?

My love for music has been from childhood fun and fantastic

How were your parents reaction to your career choice? Have they always
been supportive?

Surprised but very supportive


How do you stay focused and relevant in such a male dominated industry?

How I stay relevant is keeping in tune with all the relevant tunes that are banging out there and and home, very indulging.

Does being a female rapper in a male dominated industry raise any challenges?

Being female raises a lot of challenges in a male dominated sphere but I try to stay in tune. 

Let’s talk about Sony BMG Africa. First and foremost, congratulations
on that milestone,girl! How does it feel to be signed to such a reputable and
internationally renowned record label?

 Being signed to Sony has been incredible I love my new team all is gravy better than most.
Sure, locally already have a lot going and  internationally Dr Sid, R2BEES from Ghana I'm moving west you could say.

How did the deal come about?

The  deal came about when they called me, I was on holiday chilling they reached out and I just couldn't say no.

What would you is  your greatest achievement thus far?

The greatest achievement thus far is signing to Sony.

I understand you went to tertiary, how important is education despite
how talented one is?

 Education opens your eyes more so its very pivotal.

What’s on your playlist at the moment?

 On my playlist Beyonce and Jay Z.

Alwoo, my favourite song out all your music. What was the motivation
behind such a lyrically on point song?

Alwoo was inspired by real life events and that's why its so special to me too, real life real ideas.

You have shot some of your music videos in SA, did you spot any differences between SA and UG music industry?

The only difference between UG and SA is professionalism.

How’s the hip hop scene in Uganda?
 The hip hop scene in Uganda is what we call 'turnt,' we love it its growing and taking us places.

You have collaborated with quite a number of East African artists,
which other artists would you like to collaborate with in Africa and

I have  done work in East Africa, I wanna do work on the continent with Burna Boy and D'banj all in good time.

Your latest single, 'See Ya' is taking the airwaves by storm and the video is on point. What was the inspiration behind the video?

 The inspiration behind see ya was poetry and art combining the two put the picture alight.

What would be your ideal most creative video concept that you haven't been able to execute as yet?

My favorite concept would have a million dancers and myself getting it turnt.

What can we expect from Keko Town?

Expect from Kekotown the very best every time.

What does the notion of Africa Rising mean to you?

Africa rising is everything, means rising from the ashes and being new whole and magical just like Africa should be.

Any words of wisdom to youth who look up to you?

Word to the youth, is get off drugs and alcohol stay in school.

How would you like to be remembered?

I would  like to be remembered as the very best.

A big thank tou to Keko for sparing some time to chat to us. Nothing but best wishes! Keep shining!

Get in touch with Keko via:

Twitter: @KekoTown
Facebook: Kekotown

Photo Credit: Kekotown Facebook
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