6 Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy This Summer

Our skin is very important and taking care of it is the least we can do. Summer is here, being a new season our skin needs to be protected and taken care of.
Here are some of the 6 simple tips to help you keep your skin healthy.

1. Water
Drink lots of water because water is life. The one thing about water as one of the most recommended ways to stay healthy is the fact that it's free. I for one have always hated water and dreaded it like medicine but since the end of last year, my cousin advised me to give it a go and that I have nothing to lose after all its just water.  I tried to overcome the negativity around drinking water and gave it a try.   The year is almost coming to an end and I must admit there's a HUGE difference in my skin that no skin product has ever achieved on my skin.
Water cleanses your body and skin living them hydrated and healthy.

2. Sun Screen
Summer is characterized by countless sunny days and for some sun bathing, going to the beach and being under the sun in general is inevitable during this time of the year. The best advise is never to leave without sun screen. Not only does it protect your skin from sun burn but also prevents it from diseases such as cancer.
However much we may love the sun, let's not forget it can harmful to our skin too.
Always bear in mind the highest the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) the better.
So always remember to pack more sun screen in your hand bag.

3. Moisturize
There's one thing that both men and women from all races NEED and that's moisturizer. It keeps your skin fresh looking, soft and healthy at the same time. It's summer time and there's nothing cool about having ashy rough skin like a snake.


4. Cleansing
The skin releases all kinds of internal and external dirt which requires cleansing   Face wash leaves your skin feeling clean as well as opening up pores for your skin to breathe dirt free so always cleanse your skin at least twice a day in the morning at night before going to bed.

5. Minimal Make up
It is summertime that means you need to take it easy with the make up. Avoid wearing all the different types of makeup like eye shadow  mascara  blusher, foundation all at once! It is a disaster for your skin. Remember your skin needs to breathe secondly, there's no need to compete with the Christmas tree; less is more. Stuffing your face defeats the purpose of enhancing your beauty.

6. Healthy Food
Food is a need and the best way to ensure that this need is not in vain is to eat healthy foods. What's more interesting about healthy food is how affordable it is.
You can try fruits (fresh or dried), vegetables, you can never go wrong with foods rich in all kinds of vitamin.

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