Interview: Get Familiar With Kenyan Actress Brenda Wairimu

Actress/Model/Humanitarian, Brenda Wairimu is the true definition of what happens when beauty meets talent, you can be rest assured to be captivated and intrigued at the same time. She has appeared on dramas such as Changing Times, Mali, Shuga 2, and currently on East Africa’s number one Telenovela , Kona. 
She’s only been in the industry for three years and boy is she busy making her mark. I must say she’s earned her stripes and continues to stamp her talent through hard work and dedication to her craft.

I had a few questions for the unquestionably talented Nairobi based actress and it went a little something like this:

Hello Brenda. Thank you for chatting to us! 

You are very welcome, it's an honor!

So, who is Brenda Wairimu? 

To define, ma'am, is to limit! 

When did you realize you were bitten by the acting bug?

I think the bug was in me since birth, I've been acting my way out of situations since I can remember, I just didn't know I was acting, I thought I was doing my duty as a last born! Hahahaha

Tell me more about your role in Kona. How did it come about?

Well, I had completed my previous projects a few months prior, when I heard about auditions for a new Mnet show happening at the studios. I don't like auditions much, I don't know of an actor who does! But it sounded like such an amazing project, and I wanted so much to be a part of it. And so I went, the rest is history!


You play the Pamela character so well; your facial expressions are incredible. Are there any similarities between you and Pammy?

Oh thank you! Thank you very much. Yes there are, Pammy goes for what she wants, I'm the same way, only I have a bit more tact in handling my situations, I am much more subtle than pammie is. She is very protective of her family, and I am the same way too, no matter how small or helpless we may both be feeling in that moment.

How do you manage to stay relevant in such a fast-paced industry?

I have been in the industry for a little shy of three years now, so I am still kind of a newbie...but my humble knowledge of this industry, or anywhere else really has shown me that passion shines through, and when you play whatever role you have passionately, everything else will follow. You must take care of yourself though, your body and mind, staying fit, being in the know of what is going on in the industry, and never losing focus on your goal/s. 

How has your journey as an actress been thus far?

It has been a roller coaster ride, highs and lows, adrenaline rush! It has not been easy, critics really let me have it when I was completely new, it was a dark time hahhaha, it’s like I wasn’t doing anything right! I can't remember how it happened, but it reached a point my life was no longer my own so to speak, magazine articles, entertainment shows, having your moves scrutinized by multitudes, but, it keeps you grounded, focused, knowing that your actions not only affect you, but that you also have a fan base, some of who look up to you. My roles have grown over the three years, I have more control over my performance, N above all I have learnt from all the amazing actors I have been blessed to work with, and I continue to learn, and trust there is so much still waiting for me. But I can say that it is all worth it, because I am doing what I love.

Describe that moment when you get into character, what's the feeling like?

You forget yourself, the cameras, lights, crew, disappear, and at that moment, it's what your character is feeling, you feel her anger, pain, joy, excitement, her life becomes your life at that time. But let me tell you, that moment after a scene that you know you have done well is the best. Its instant satisfaction, your blood gets pumping, you imagine the end result, it's a feeling I can't fully explain. We break into dance so many times on set after great scenes, it's crazy!

When portraying your art, what do you aim to achieve?

I want to bring people in to the story I'm telling, make them feel like part of it, make them laugh with me, cry with me, empathize, sympathize, I aim to tell the story best way I can. I want to tell African stories!

Most people think it's all glitz and glam in your industry, what do you have to say about that?

I can say that about the industries in countries where film and TV is very developed, but in Kenya we are still growing towards that, the pay cheques are not very glamorous hahaha, but the passion and heart in the art is very glitz and glam. 


What is your dream role?
Oh there are so many. I want to play roles as distant from my actual person and personality. Crazy weird out- of- this world roles, serial killer, estranged wife, a witch, a queen, I want them all! I'm greedy with my roles!

Three things people don't know about you?

· I have a dangerous love affair with shoes.

· I must chew my food on both sides of my mouth equally, always!

· I cry easy.

How do you handle fame? The good and bad aspects?

Roll with the punches. When it's good, take it all in. When it's bad, you must learn to take that side of the coin too. U must be careful what you put out there, in real life, social media, it can and will be used as evidence against you! Friends and family are always there to keep you on your feet, you’re not famous to them, your their little sis, or that shy adolescent girl they shared a desk with in high school, I keep them close to my heart and all is okay. 

What has been the highlight of your life/career?

I have to say, working with people I grew up watching, people I had actually prayed and hoped I would work with. I'm living my dream!

Your favourite holiday destination?

Home, in Mombasa :)

How would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as a passionate actress, who embraced all roles fully, who had a hand in the significant growth of our Kenyan/African/World film and TV industry. As a woman who positively changed lives, in small ways and big through my brain child Generation02 which has several initiatives under its umbrella that focuses on pediatric health and education,

What makes you proudly African?

Our rich culture, friendliness, our fashion, food, beautiful scenery, our African music, we are sons and daughters of the motherland. And we age quite gracefully, fine wine! 


What's your favourite African movie of all time?

The First Grader, it's an amazing Kenyan story of the oldest primary school pupil 'Maruge". It's a beautiful internationally recognized story.

Any words of wisdom to African youth?

Hahaha, I'm not very wise yet, I have not been on this earth long enough, what I can say is do what you love and do it with all of you, keep the people you love close , and keep God even closer.

Nairobi is.?........

The land of cool water, that's actually what the name means!

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Let me not intrude on God's plan for me. Let’s be surprised together, He never disappoints!

You can get in touch with Brenda on the following social platforms:

Facebook: Brenda Wairimu

Twitter: @b_wairimu

Youtube: Brenda Wairimu

Instagram: b_wairimu

Keek: b_wairimu

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