The Congo We Never Hear About: 7 Things You Should Know About Congo

So much is happening in Congo (DRC) due to political instability that has left thousands misplaced, raped and some have lost their lives. Despite what is happening in this geographically big country, for a second, I had to just stop and realise how wealthy this African country is but that's not enough, these few facts also just reminded me of how unsung and underrated Congo is.

Did you know?

- Congo's people represent its greatest potential with a population of 65 million, half under the age of 18.
- Congo is a storehouse of minerals (cobalt, copper,zinc,gold,diamond,silver, magnesium,germanium,uranium,coltan, petroleum and many more.

- Congo possesses 64 percent of the world's reserve of coltan (a mineral found in cell phones and other electronic devices).

- Congo has 34 percent of the world's cobalt and 10 percent of its copper.
- Congo is a part of the second largest rain forest in the world, which is vital in the fight against global warming and climate change. 

- Congo has the hydro capacity to provide electricity for the entire African continent, southern Europe and parts of the Middle East.

- Congo has the agricultural capacity to feed the entire world through 2050.

Congo is undoubtedly  an economical giant in Africa, such wealth in form of natural resources doesn't surprise me why this country is scrambled for.
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