African Fashion Designers: Ephymol By Ephraim Molingoane

Ephymol is a South African fashion brand dedicated to men's wear. The fashion house is run by Ephraim Molingoane. After leaving the world of modeling, he decided to take on fashion design and translated his diverse travelling experiences into his bold and individualised designs.

He has worked internationally and upon his return to Johannesburg, Ephraim opened his Ephymol studio and debuting at South Africa Fashion Week (SAFW) in 2002
As a creative, he continues to re-invent himself as a designer and innovative whilst using recycled traditional pieces.
From what I have gathered, the Ephymol guy is confident, loves fashion but stylish at heart and dares to stand out from the crown.

Below are some of his designs:

Ephymol Contact Details
Tel: +27 83 746 6323

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