Interview With Kenyan Musician Miss Karun

A month ago, I had the opportunity to ask Miss Karun a few questions. She's quite a busy young lady but she was able to spare her time for WaAfrika Online :)
Here's how it went down with the gorgeous, talented and former Camp Mulla member, now turned solo artist.

For how long have you been into music?
I've been into music for as long as I can remember. I always took part in music related things in school, musicals, concerts, choir, and stuff. then in high school i started arranging concerts outside school with my friends just so I could perform more! because I loved it and people seamed to think i could sing! :p tried guitar, piano, violin, the drums and the bass too!

For those who don't know, why did you leave Camp Mulla?

We had a mission to complete one album, and we accomplished that and so now we have missions to do our own complete bodies of music as solo artists collaborating with whomever we please and establishing our own sounds. btw we're still friends and we still respect each others music. so a Camp Mulla song sometime in the future comprising of the whole team isn't unlikely. I've just got the priority to experience life in an Arts University right now :)

How was it like being part of a group?

It had its pro's and con's. We had each others backs in this very dubious music industry and we had the privilege to learn about it together. As the only girl they where like my big brothers so the transition into being a public personality was easier but not without its challenges.
On the other side we had to all find a middle ground on everything! from the kind of sound we wanted on the album, to the clothes we should wear on stage, to showing up to interview...
we've all come out stronger because of it though.

How has the transition been from being a Camp Mulla princess to Solo artist?
It was weird, but I took some time off to think about how i wanted to approach it. I didn't have much time because I'll be heading to school in September so I decided to ask for help. We established a team in my #LadyBugProject's (Weekly mini documentaries on the process of making my solo album, it's on my youtube page) this team act like a record company, carefully planning each step in this process of rebranding... we've finally finished my solo album now and are releasing it on the 16th of august.

Now that you're a solo artist, what genre is your music?

I don't like categorising art like that... I don't feel like its my job to put a genre on my music, listeners can do that if they want! However i could say that my album has been experimental! i love trying new things with my voice and with song writing so I didn't want to settle down as genre artist just yet, I think I have a lot of time for that :

When can we expect your album?

16th August. on and possibly itunes.

What does it mean for you to be so young and doing something you love?

I turned 19 in July .. not sure if that's so young for what i'm doing! :P there's a creative window that I'm trying not to miss,as a teenager my brain is still developing so I wanna absorb as much experience as i possibly can! a lot of musicians have done amazing things at my age and younger... I think its just weird that I've been recognised for it! I'm truly grateful... LOL I don't think its really settled in yet though... I don't want it to. big headedness is an ugly outfit to wear :/

What are you currently studying and why?
I'm currently on a gap year. I took a gap year to focus on music and to get to grips with the changes in my life... I also wanted to step back and think about 'why' I would go to university if i did. I didn't wanna just go because its what you're meant to do at this age, and I didn't necessarily want to go to eventually get a degree. Now that I've had time to think I decided I wanted to be surrounded by young open minded artists from all over the world so that's why I chose CarArts, its not only music, and its a more liberal institution and its hot like Africa too! :D big plus!

How do you strike a balance between school and your solo career?
Balance? It's all in your head! lol... if you really want something you'll make it happen! I've kinda put youth last, I had enough fun in the beginning of my gap year! so now I'm just focusing on my goals which actually make me happier than hangovers and crappy nights out! lol HARD WORK! That's all I can say.

Tell me more about the Ladybug Project. What do you intend to achieve with this project?

The ladybug project was put together by Jaaz and Kagwe, the producers of my album (they call themselves Boss and Chief) The team include young artistic people who can have fun and still be responsible enough to finish projects as planned. So we're making these mini documentaries to show young aspiring artists what goes on behind the scenes. from organising photo shoots and video shoots, to styling and planning shows, live gigs and soundcheck, studio time etc. It should show people that being a musician is a full time job and not just a hobby. to stress the importance of a plan, and a support system, to encourage young people to ask for help. Hopefully it would help someone make that crucial first step towards their goal.

How do you cope with being in the limelight?
I donno. I grew thick skin through the tough times, and I'm trying to build a relationship with my fans so that they can help me though whatever tough times may come my way. Also I've learned that some people try to derail people when they think they're getting successful, so I just try to remember whats important, also I try to meditate and do yoga. and keep honest friends around.

What do you love so much about our beautiful continent, Africa?
Africa is diverse yet so beautifully unified! "AFRICA UNITE"! (Bob Marley) we're all one and every African should love themselves.

What's your favourite colour and what does it represent to you?
I don't have a favourite colour. Everyday i kinda see colours differently and a different colour will resonate with me that day. This month I've liked blue alto though... I donno if its because my boyfriend likes blue! lol I think it has something to do with trying to calm down and learning to communicate with people more clearly.

You're always looking dapper, what influences your style?
Lol, dapper huh! :) thank you!
I donno, Ilike alternative edgy fashion blogs online, vintage African styles too,... like I said what ever resonates with me that day! sometimes I like looking earthy and connected to nature... other days I go all out and hip hop with occasional brands... but I'm not a brand person in general, I don't understand the hype.

Books or movies?

Book... hmm i'm trying to read more, I like philosophical things I'm looking for aldous huxley books on doors of perception but on the more mainstream side, I'd say Dan brown and Paulo Coelho are amazing!
Movie! I watched 'the perks of being a wallflower' a million times!!

What does Miss Karun do in her free time?
Haha its a secret! I chill in my free time, come back to another reality of bumming in friendly neighbourhoods, Graffiti and chalk drawings with my artsy friends, I like drawing and exploring! Karura Forest times.

What's your advice to the many young Africans out there trying to break into the music

Only walk this walk if you're a Bad B*TCH! (JOKE) but really you have to be tough, its not easy or for the weak, you have to be strong determined talented, and focused, Lord knows there are many tempting things in the world, only expose yourself to them if you can handle it.

Complete this sentence.... Africa is.................
Africa HOME to anyone really, it wont leave my heart! :P (lol cheesy sorry, but true)

How can your fans get a hold of you? (@ladykarun)

intagram (@ladykarun)

She's still very young with a brighter future ahead of her. Wishing you all the best in your endeavours, young lady.

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