Profiling: Inzuki Designs By Teta Isibo From Rwanda

Inzuki Designs is a company based in Kigali, Rwanda founded by the creative, Teta Isibo, specialising in African beaded accessories like earrings, bungles, clutches, and interior decor which is hand-made from primarily local material.

I always see a lot of African accessories and I can't help but be in awe of such beautiful things made out African raw material. I'm fascinated by African print to African accessories, the list goes on.
The one thing I appreciate and love about rocking African stuff is the fact that every piece is different and always makes a statement (well, as far as I'm concerned) which means you don't have to wear everything at once, just one piece at a time is enough and you'll shine brighter than diamonds in the DRC lol.

Having found Inzuki Designs, I couldn't help but share. Their stuff is 'freshe' like Kuli Chana would say. I love the colour blending. If I happen to pay them a visit, I will definitely feel like a little girl in a candy shop just how I feel when I go to the African market.

I love me some Inzuki Designs! Very beautiful.

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