Africa Magic Calls On East African Filmmakers To Submit Films

The best thing to ever happen to African Television and film productions and creativity, Africa Magic is calling all East African Filmmakers to submit ideas for feature films which will be produced by Africa Magic.

The African entertainment powerhouse channel is giving a lifetime opportunity to filmmakers and looking to produce fifty six (56) original feature films that capture the essence of East Africa.

If this is something that interests you, please submit the following by 21st July 2013:

- Bio/CV
- Title and tag line in one paragraph summary
- Synopsis of feature film no more than 1 page

For more information email

Now that is what I call a channel for the people. The presence of Africa Magic is everything for African film and television progress, the channel being able to give a platform from all Africans all in the name of sharing African content from an African perspective.  African stories told by Africans on an African channel! That in itself is a beacon of hope for many.

I salute you, Africa Magic! Keep on keeping on.
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