Africans You Should Know: Biola Alabi

Biola Alabi. Does this name ring a bell? If not, worry not.

Biola Alabi is the managing director of MNet Africa and also holds the position of young global leader at the World Economic Forum. Furthermore, she holds a degree in Public Health and Marketing from University of Cincinnati and is part of the WIE power influencers which showcases the women shaping Africa's future. She's of Nigerian descent and one of those African women that I admire and respect so much but above all, an inspiration.

Besides being a boss lady for such a giant broadcaster, MNet Africa, she oozes such grace, poise, elegance and intelligence, well, given the times I have seen her on TV.
She's indeed a combination of beauty and brains and I strongly believe she definitely appears on the list for Africans you ought to know.

She's a beacon of hope and inspiration for many young African women, me included of course! :)

Keep on shining, sistah!

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