Happy Africa Day

Happy Africa, these two words are doing rounds on social media, news channels and other platforms.

Besides Africa day (25th May) being an annual commemoration of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity, now commonly known as the African Union (AU), there are so many ways to define and celebrate Africa day however, this is a day that is always filled with mixed emotions for me. Both emotions being positive and negative. It raises a number of questions most of which draw back to real life scenarios on a day to day basis.

However much the day is aimed at celebrating Africanness, yes, I do not defy the fact that there's a lot to be celebrated about Africa, but UNITY should be of the utmost importance. I strongly believe that it's through unity that we as Africans can prosper and rise to greatness.

But how united are we as Africans, let's say on a scale of ten? At times I feel like we act 'united' only when it suits us. Like our unity has to do with convenience and timing, more like on a bigger platform, I call this 'ceremonial unity'.

If the AU/Africa Day is not known to an ordinary African somewhere in Africa then of what purpose is such a day or an organisation if it's for the people and by the people as opposed to being elite driven.

Issues such as xenophobia (which makes my heart bleed), lack of knowledge about our continent, poor education system which produces more job seekers than job makers, neo-colonialism, humanitarian violations; the list goes on. These issues serve no purpose of moving us forward as a continent.

With that said or should I say ranted, I would like to wish every African a Happy Africa Day. Let's seek and practice the relevance of this day through love, peace, tolerance and above all togetherness.


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