Art Work: Ntsiki Mazwai

South African poet, Ntsiki Mazwai's album is due for release on 30th May titled 'IDINGUBANI'. Her art work is not only creative but also carries a deep meaning. When it comes to Miss Mazwai, substance and expression are guaranteed  yes, she's a poet but that's not all. She always tackles issues that affect us on day to day basis without hesitation,  she doesn't compromise her craft and for that, I love and appreciate her work.

We need more African women like Ntsiki, women who value what they believe in and are not afraid to defend African values and identity.

 I asked what the inspiration behind the art work was and she says,

"The nudity represents that I bared my soul. No facades. No fronting. The dark clothes represent the Spirit. Beads: r all I have, the fuzzy 'spirits' next to me mean 'andi hambi ndendwa'. I'm going up a mountain with show my journey going 2 nxt level".

Below is the art work:

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Twitter: @ntsikimazwai
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