Chinua Achebe: Gone But Not Forgotten

The death of Africa's literary son, Chinua Achebe is one devastating reality to accept. Chinua Achebe died on 21st March 2013 (World Poetry Day).
His death is a major blow to African literature, him, being the great novelist he was, his contribution to African literature was larger than life and exposing Africa to the world is one of the most prominent role he will be remembered for. He introduced Africa to the world throughout his work.

As he rests in peace, we will celebrate his milestones to African story telling. His work such as 'Things Fall Apart (which he's commonly known for ), 'No longer At Ease, 'A Man Of The People', 'Anthills Of The Savannah'  are some of his books that have been read across the world.

Not only is his death a blow to our history, but also a reality check. I found myself asking questions after hearing the bad news of his death. He was such a noble human being who has left so much to desire and look up to. I asked myself, what have you done? If not what are you doing to be that agent of change? Yeah, deep thoughts in my mind and with such a mark that this incredibly phenomenal intellect of a story teller, we as African youth can only carry on with the legacy; not only as writers but in our given areas of expertise.

R.I.P great one, you are indeed gone but not forgotten. Your work brought too much realisation to my consciousness and embracing who I am as an AFRICAN. I am proud to have been a fan of your work and will carry on for generations to come.

PS - Your stories were captivating and knowing that an African telling stories about Africa was and still is refreshing.
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