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Africans You Should Know: Nomsa Mazwai

Nomsa Mazwai  commonly known as Nomisupasta is a writer, poet, leader, musician, artist, economist (MA), social activist, developer, community engager and visionary. She holds a Full Bright Masters degree in Economics from Fordham University in USA. In addition to that, she’s an author of a book titled ‘Sai Sai Little Girl’ and possesses a voice of an angel through her music which doesn't fall under any specific genre but rather spreads messages of hope and relevance is felt throughout different issues/topics she tackles.  

Born in an undeniably talented and smart family, with two influential sisters whose artistic and individuality represent real women of substance, Nomsa has not ridden on her sisters’ fame; she’s earned her stripes through hard work and being a visionary she is, education and development  are core concepts she values and promotes through arts, economics to mention but a few. Nomisupasta is definitely reaching for the stars.
 Some of her achievements include: Winner, Best Alternative African Music 2011 - South African Music Awards.

There’s no other way to describe this young African woman than a role model and future president of South Africa. Driven, enthusiastic and passionate about her people, she certainly is an agent for change who is here to fulfil her purpose.

The likes of Nomusa Mazwai bring about the realisation of how alive with possibility and greatness that lies ahead of Mama  Africa. We can only dare to dream.

Rise Africa, Rise!

For more information:

Twitter: @nomisupasta


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