Podcast: Wulira! A Labour Of Love By Ugandan Women Creating Content They Wished Their Younger Selves Had Access To

The latest on our radar is Wulira! A gem-filled podcast hosted by two brilliant Ugandan women, journalist and researcher, Jacky Kemigisa and feminist lawyer and writer, Godiva Akullo.

Wulira! is a labour of love by a group of women whose aim is to create a media product they wished they had access to when they were younger. It notes that there will be a lot of history, politics and incredible hope for Uganda.

The gem-filled podcast is produced by The Duuka, researched by Rebecca Rwakabukoza, soundtrack by Wana Benjamin (Afrie, for first 10 episodes); with support from FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, AWDF and Open Society Initiative for East Africa.

The podcast is themed around society & culture, and features content focused on various pertinent issues such as girl's education, ethnicity, marriage among others.

Wulira! is that wholesome content you want to listen to. It is both informative and entertaining, with a touch of comic relief relayed by both hosts through their commentary.

The discourse between the two brilliant hosts is fierce, frank and smart. For example, their most previous episode, titled 'I do(n't) Marriage in Uganda', gives an insightful overview on the beginning of the Marriage and Divorce Bill using the historical story of Lovinsa Sekonyo's husband and the battle for property that followed. The sad realisation from this particular episode, if you compare that discussion with the current situation on women's rights in Uganda; much hasn't changed systemically.

Listen to Wulira! here
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