Calling All Ugandan Female Filmmakers; Entries Are Now Open For The Fivefor5 Film Fund Worth $5,000

Applications are now open for the Fivefor5 Fund worth $5,000. This call welcomes the participation of all Ugandan female filmmakers who are interested in telling their stories. Entries should be from Ugandan women irrespective of whether they are first time directors or scriptwriters. Applications must be submitted by 14th February 2020.

Out of the applications that will be received, five successful applicants will be selected. The five selected female filmmakers will be given $5,000 each to make a five minute short film. The full production costs will be within a $4500 budget while the remaining $500 will go towards festival fees.

The Fivefor5 Fund is an initiative spearheaded by actor, filmmaker and Artpreneur Kemiyondo Coutinho, and aims to provide funding opportunities to Ugandan female filmmakers so that they can tell their stories without financial limitations - which are usually the biggest challenge. The call for applications comes after over a month-long funding project which raised $25,000.

Filmmaking is one of the most expensive professions. It requires resources in order to produce something tangible therefore, you need monetary backup for the right camera, lighting, sound, scriptwriting, casting, wardrobe, post-production. The list is endless. It is a very demanding intense job that not only requires creativity and passion but also finances. Furthermore; like the majority of professions, it is predominantly dominated by men; despite a few women disrupting the status quo and changing the narrative slowly but surely. Gender disparities still persist thus, this initiative is an imperative career-changing opportunity because of the amount of opportunities it will unlock for the five women not to mention, we get a chance to see and know more stories from not one but FIVE Ugandan filmmakers. How refreshing?!

We cannot speak of diversity and not mention inclusion; they should go hand-in-hand. It's one thing empowering women with opportunities but how do you go about it? One thing that really caught my attention with the Fivefor 5 Fund is; there's no age limit. NO AGE LIMIT! In addition, it does not matter whether you are a first time director, scriptwriter etc. As long as you are a Ugandan female filmmaker, you are welcome to apply. This is a widely open door. This is diversity and inclusion in practice. A widely open door that will give these women a chance to take up space and cement themselves as the remarkable Zozibini Tunzi urged us to.

To all the Ugandan female filmmakers interested in this opportunity; it's your time, make it count.

For more information on how to apply, see details below:

Good luck!  
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