Back To Natural: A Documentary Film About The Intersection Of Hair, Politics & Identity In Black Communities Set To Screen At Mzansi Women's Film Festival

Natural hair is Not A Fad.
It's a Birthright.
Find your Freedom. 

I believe when it comes to Black people's hair, we can never have enough of such information or spaces pertaining to our nappy crowns. Never. We still need such content/conversations for the culture; be it in form of documentaries, films, public talks you name it.

Back To Natural: A Documentary Film which explores the intersection of hair, politics and identity in Black communities, has been accepted to be screened at the Mzansi Women's Film Festival in South Africa, from 3rd-6th August 2017 at University of Johannesburg.  It will be showing on three continents, Africa being one of them.

Mzansi Women's Film Festival is an initiative by women for women which celebrates whilst showcasing and creating a platform for women in film to thrive.

Directed by Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Gillian Scott-Ward (PhD) and produced by Dominic Ward and Marquis Smalls, the documentary film is "a compelling look at the intersection of identity and hair in Black communities. Juxtaposing current issues with their historical roots, the film exposes the surprising and largely covered up policing of Black hair and the roadblocks dissenters encounter with their families, in the workforce and in their romantic lives. This film is a call for healing."

Back to Natural: A Documentary Film is a groundbreaking, 68-minute documentary film that takes a shocking and emotional look at the intersection of hair, politics, and identity in Black communities. Directed by Clinical Psychologist, Gillian Scott-Ward, this documentary is a powerful, thought provoking, call for healing that takes a grass roots approach to exploring the globalized policing of natural black hair. Filmed in New York City, Philadelphia, Paris, And Cape Town, this documentary explores universal aspects of the Black experience and the "New" Natural Hair movement. Join us on this journey of discovery and enlightenment while celebrating our history and natural styles that are taking the world by storm.

Peep the trailer below:

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