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Happy Africa Month 2016! What Are You Getting Up To?

Happy Africa Month, Bantu. By now you know the month of May "celebrates" Africa.
Africa Month is celebrated every year in May as a commemoration of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity in (now the African Union) 1963. Since then various activities such as exhibitions, concerts and talks are held annually in different African countries during this period with a flagship acknowledgement on May 25th known as Africa Day.

This year the long awaited Africa Day concert in South Africa will be held on 28th May at the Bassline in Newtown. The Pan-African gathering is a celebration of cultural heritage while bringing together some of the continent's biggest acts take to the stage to celebrate diversity through unity. Read more here.

WaAfrika Online will also feature a few conversations with young Africans, themed African Identity Meets Urban Culture in the Digital Era. The series of talks are a way of reflecting on certain things and there's no better people to ask than African youth. We will also share the same information on The WaAfrika Online Show, which airs Fridays on Hashtag Radio.

If you are in South Africa check out artsculturesa and for more on what's happening around the continent visit the African Union's website for updates.

What are your views on Africa Month? 
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