Podcast: How M-Net is Converting Africa's Future Storytellers' Potential Into Measurable Success

Africa's broadcasting powerhouse, M-Net is not only bringing magic to our screens but also converting Africa's future storytellers' potential into success.

In case you're wondering how, I recently had an informative chat with M-Net's Skills Development manager, Ashika Kirpal on Hashtag Radio, where she shared the broadcasting cooperation's M-Net Magic In Motion Academy, a platform for unearthing talent and moulding the media and broadcast industry’s next generation of power players. How they share knowledge a 360 dimension of what the film and television industry entails and how the industry comprises of more roles behind the scenes as opposed to the popular belief of focusing on on-screen talent. You know how most hopefuls just want to be actors/presenters? Yet there's more opportunities in the industry.

In 2015, the M-Net Magic in Motion Academy gave 12 top graduates exclusive access to some of the country’s top producers and productions, through a year-long, paid work-readiness programme to gain in-depth, wide-ranging experience of the industry.

A month ago, M-Net announced it is re-investing in the youth of South Africa by giving 20 new graduates an opportunity to form an empowered new generation of talent, who will rise to take their place at the forefront of the entertainment industry.

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Applications are still open:

Photo Credit: M-Net Magic In Motion

Audio Credit: Hashtag Radio
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