3 Simple Natural Hairstyles That Will Save You Time


Are you transitioning to natural hair or thinking of doing so? Well, I have got 3 simple natural hairstyles to save you time early in the morning or even last minute. But first, my hair journey before I discovered these 3 simple styles..... 

Three years ago, I decided to do the big chop and get it on with my nappy crown. And I won't lie, It was the best decision I have ever made for my hair. This hair thing started a bit late for me because the schools I went to never allowed hair. I only started growing my hair once I was done with primary school, kicked off high school with a mini fro. Never in my life did I think I will ever use relaxers. At the end of my second year in high school, I tried out blow-out first, then came relaxers. I did all this in the name of experimenting; only to find myself keeping up with hair relaxers until end of university.

While at varsity, second year to be precise, I kept on wishing I never relaxed my hair and wishing if only I had listened to my Mum's advise but curiosity wouldn't let me rest until I checked out the other side of permed silky straight hair, which I preferred with rollers. Still at it, I tried the notorious protective hairstyle, weaves. This was my least favourite of the few things I have tried to do to my hair. I wore it less than 5 times and I couldn't believe how much of a job it is to rock a weave. My short experience with weaves was rather cumbersome; it made me realise how a weave has a life of its own given it was not my own hair and the many questions that arose within myself every time I wore one. Like, why I'm I doing this to myself? What is wrong with my hair? Do I have to do this?   I'm of the belief if I get my hair done, it's supposed to simplify my life not give me more work.

Apart from laziness, I have a serious phobia for combing. Even when I used to relax my hair, most of the time it was bushy because after washing, I just keep it moving; ain't nobody got time for combs and their ways. Having tried out different hair routines I now swear by my Kaweke (Luganda term for kinky/nappy hair). That said, here is 3 simple natural hairstyles that will save you time.

The Fro

The fro is my ultimate everyday hairstyle. This is my number one hair-do, I swear by it.  To achieve this look, after shampooing and conditioning, I apply oil while the hair is still wet then start twisting my hair into the famous bantu knots. You can do any size depending on your desired outcome. For example if you want a very bushy look, make sure your twists are smaller or you can also stretch your hair with your hands for a more bouncy fro. Simplicity is one of the many reasons I love this look secondly, combing and I aren't best of friends nor are salons; this hair style always comes to my rescue and last but not least, I love big hair.

About bantu knots, they are to naturalistas what relaxers are to permed hair. Maintaining your hair with bantu knots makes it easier to have fresh looking hair every time you untie them without doing so much. You know how natural hair is stereotyped as "hard to maintain" etc, bantu knots defy that by all means necessary and also reduce shrinkage.  Well, from my experience, yes.

The Puff
 The puff is for convenience's sake. I just tie and go. It can be after undoing bantu knots or after shampooing then apply live-in conditioner or good old coconut oil.

The Kaweke Fab

I call this one Kaweke Fab. All I do is wrap a small portion of my back hair in a clip and boom, off I go. You can also tone it down by using hair pins.

My other bonus hair style, well it does not really involve hair but I feel it's second to my nappy crown, head wraps. You know those days when laziness creeps in, where I'm not about that life of untying my bantu knots; I resort to head wraps most times if not braids. There are times I literally rock head wraps for months. These are my get up and go hairstyles. They came in handy when I was transitioning to Team Kaweke.  

What simple natural hairstyles do you recommend?  Feel free to share :).
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