TV Presenting Tips

Many people dream of becoming  television presenters but don't know what it takes to become a good presenter. It requires time to grow and horn your craft as a television presenter.

Here are a some useful tips for aspiring TV presenters:

Be Yourself (Personality)
Cliché as this may sound, there's no other way around it. It is paramount that you be yourself. Remember everyone else is taken. Your audience is not stupid, you can only fake your personality for so long; they will eventually catch you out and this may not end well.
So stay true to who you are because there's only one you.

Confident Communicator
As a TV presenter, you must be a confident communicator. Remember you're conveying a message to an audience. How will they watch and believe what you say if you lack confidence?
You need to own your craft and be in your element.
Keep your back straight, arms, feet and hands crossed. Never slouch; it shows a lack of interest
Make direct eye contact with the other people in the studio, especially the people you are interviewing .Don’t stop if you make a mistake, just pick up the pace and keep going.
Always project your voice and be audible.  

Practice makes perfect. It is imperative that you know your script inside out then incorporate it with your personality. You don't just cram the lines; you need to bring them to life.
You can also practice in the mirror at home.

Be Calm 
It is important to be calm or else nerves will get the best of you and this will ruin your presenting.
Worst case scenario is that when you're nervous you might forget the script and taking listening so relax.

You need to be a good listener as you will be required to take direction from the director and other crew members on set.  Remember productions run on a schedule so time is of the essence.
You also need to listen to what is said(in case you're interviewing a guest) and consider it well before responding. Be attentive.

Own it
You should own the show! Be present in the moment and give it your all. Be firm in your delivery but yet effortless. You don't have to try so hard, it will translate on screen and it can be a turnoff for viewers. Be alive!

Passion and Intelligence 
If you want to stand out as a presenter, combine passion and intelligence.

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