I Am Khama - An Animated Film About King Khama III's Efforts To Protect Botswana From Colonial Rule

I Am Khama, is an animation feature film, written and directed by Mark Macauley, starring Colin Salmon & Conleth Hill.

Based on a true story, the film details King Khama's III's efforts to protect his country of Bechuanaland, present day Botswana, from colonial rule and ultimate British imperialist, Cecil Rhodes.  

The synopsis breaks down the story dating back in 1895 as follows:
"It is 1895 and Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, governs half the World. King Khama, a charismatic African ruler, is furious… The British Government is about to give control of his country, The Bechuanaland Protectorate, to Cecil Rhodes, the richest diamond tycoon in the World, who will remove Khama and put his people under the shackles of colonial rule. Khama rushes to England make a whirlwind tour of Britain trying to gather enough support to save (his) country ‘for our children and our children’s children’... Support floods in from all over the land. However Khama discovers that all is lost unless he can discover Rhodes’ real plan: to use Bechuanaland as a platform, attack Johannesburg and steal all its gold. Khama discovers the plot and threatens exposure."

Watch the teaser:


The release date is yet to be announced.
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