#30Under30: Forbes Africa Wants You To Nominate Your Favourite African Entrepreneur Under 30

Do you know of any African entrepreneurs under the age of 30, with a remarkable impact on society?

Publishing giant, Forbes Africa is compiling the first home-grown list of under 30 entrepreneurs list, highlighting rising stars in various industries on the continent. This is the best platform to nominate your favourite entrepreneur.

Nominees must fall under the following five categories: Technology  (They are looking for transforming business, society and our day to day lives through technology. Official hashtags:  ‪#‎30under30‬ ‪#‎startups‬),  Social and Education (Social entrepreneurs marrying business skills with their drive to make the world and continent a better place. They're also looking for innovators, advocates; thought-leaders and reformers in the education space.
Official hashtags:  ‪#‎30under30 ‬‪#‎Social‬), Energy and industry, Business and finance and Art.

Submit your nominations to: 30under30@abn360.com.

You can also engage on social media using #30Under30.

Credit: Forbes Africa | Facebook
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