Love Sex Money: Listen To Shuga Radio Naija Episodes 5-8


Episode 5 - Roli continues teasing Patricia about her crush on Bitrus. In a drunken stupor, Mr Osagie grabs Talatu. She manages to escape, leaving Mr Osagie bleeding in the process. Episode 6 - Bitrus seeks advice from his HIV-Positive father, about what happened between him and Patricia. Miss Uju’s boyfriend Dede makes a surprise visit, but makes some confessions to her that could potentially end their relationship. Episode 7 - Patricia confides in Roli that she and Bitrus are planning to start having sex and quizzes Roli about her first time, leading to Roli making a shocking admittance. Episode 8 (Final Episode) - Mrs Balogun makes a shocking discovery about her son, Soji. Roli tells Miss Uju about what has been going on with her and Hassan and why they broke up. Roli gets tested for STIs, and receives some surprising results.

Source: MTV Shuga

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