African Inventors: Cameroonian Engineer Arthur Zang Who Invented The Cardiopad

This continent of ours is one of inventors and pioneers in all aspects. Meet 26 year old Cameroonian engineer, Arthur Zang who invented the Cardiopad.

According to Zang, the Cardiopad is “the first fully touch screen medical tablet made in Cameroon and in Africa.” He believes it is an invention that could save numerous human lives, and says the reliability of the pad device is as high as 97.5%. Zang says he invented the device in order to facilitate the treatment of patients with heart disease across Cameroon and the rest of Africa. So far, several medical tests have been carried out with the Cardiopad which have been validated by the Cameroonian scientific community. - Forbes.

What is a Cardiopad?
 A portable, touch screen device that enables heart examinations such as the electrocardiogram to be performed at remote locations while results of the test are transferred wirelessly to specialists who can interpret them.

African brilliance and excellence are all part Africa Rising.

Photo Credit: Hope Logic
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