Women And Beauty

By  Adele Ross

Over time things have changed so much for women in terms of what we see as beauty care and self worth. Hair removal has gone from simple shaving to laser, facials have gone from a cleanse, tone and moisturise to having your own blood infected back into your skin via tens of tiny needles a la Kim Kardashian's vampire facial. Nothing is simple anymore so where do we find ourselves in an ever changing world demanding so much and offering almost too much? In our own skin with our own ideas of what is suitable. Hollywood had taken over the simple ideas and turned then into must have crazes and the sad thing is that women fall for it. I read an article about genital bleaching and even though I'm sure there are women out there dying to look like the ideal pink, is it all worth it? Loads of money and skin damage later, are we still going to follow in the footsteps of society and be the living experiments they expect us to be?

Some of these new methods of staying young and beautiful are great for women with no time in their hands, but what about the cash strapped regular girl with no clue? There are still brilliant brands available at affordable prices such as the ever local Environ range that was created by a local plastic surgeon, ideal for our climate and our ever changing skin care needs.

Clicks had come up with an almost all natural Rooibos range that suits the pocket as well as the needs. It had everything from your cleanser to your eye cream and can easily be found. Home remedies come a dime a dozen and can go from cheap to really expensive so the codes remain safe and easy. With society determining the next best thing, one had the bed careful not to fall prey to the next big thing and mistakenly drink the wrong cool aid.

In conclusion to all the simple and the not so simple methods made available to us these days, I think it should be about the simple things that make you feel good instead of the things that make you feel good about being part of a world that doesn't really care how pink your down stairs is as much as they do about making money off your stupidity. 

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