Interview: Former Miss Tanzania Nasreen Karim Talks About Her Jewelry Business And Sources Of Inspiration

WaAfrika Online recently caught up with former Miss Tanzania, Nasreen Karim and while at it, she shared hers sources of inspiration , her beauty with purpose driven business and advise to African youth.
Even after the end of her reign, she continues to work as an agent for change through her social entrepreneurship skills by empowering Maasai women though African inspired bead work.

Short biography

I was born and raised in Tanzania in a city known as Mwanza. I grew up loving the community around me as well as fashion and creative artwork.

I am the founder and owner of Enjipai jewelry, social entrepreneur and former Miss Tanzania.
I'm humbled to say that this was the stepping stone to what I'm passionately doing right now which is empowering a group of Maasai women in society by showing the world their phenomenal passion in bead work creativity . I also fund, support and share ideas with these amazing women.
 Enjipai Jewelry also offers job opportunities to talented Maasai women in Tanzania as well as sell their products.I do all of thise work for the simple reason of empowering women in my society.

What are you 5 sources of inspiration?

1. My Amazing Mama- She has been my rock since I was a small girl and she is the sole reason of who I am today.

2. The struggle of women- Knowing that with a helping hand offered as shared struggle they can eventually help themselves.

3. Enjipai Jewelry. It's an everyday inspiration to continue doing what I do full of passion, love and energy.

4. Art - It has been and always is one of my creativity inspiration , being able to appreciate ancient artifacts from all over the world as well as ethnic African societies on their amazing creativity from time in memorial has inspired me into having a more visual creative ideas of my own.

5. Maya Angelou - As she quotes "If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded."

On her advise to African Youth:

My advise to African youth is whatever you set your mind to do, do it with passion and give it your all.

Here are some photos of bead work from Enjipai Jewelry:

Such beautiful pieces, aren't they?

You can find Enjipai Jewelry on the following social media platforms:

Facebook: Enjipai Maasai Women Jewelry
Instagram: @enjipaijewelry

Photos courtesy of Nasreen Karim.
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