Photos From The Second Last Episode Of Africa's Next Top Model

Yeah, you heard right. It all seems like Africa's Next Top Model started yesterday and boom, it's almost a wrap with one episode left. I really enjoyed the first ever ANTM season and I hope there's more to come.

This past Sunday, the last three remaining girls, Aaamito (Uganda), Michaela (Angola) and Opeyemi (Nigerian) were given a task that had to do with diving into the pool and strutting it like its hot. Each one of them rose to the challenge although at first they were all nervous but when it was time to get the work done, they pulled it off with Aamito topping the challenge. There was a surprise this time, none of the girls were nominated and all three of them were told to pack their bags to jet off to New York.

The one thing I stubbornly refused to do was to compare the show to it's sister franchise America's Next Top Model.

Here are the pics from their second last episode:

                                                   Episode 9: Sink Or Swim

Aamito - Uganda

Michaela - Angola
Michaela did exceptionally well for someone who can't swim. A beautiful humble beauty of note

- Nigeria

Catch the final episode of ANTM season 1 on Africa Magic, Sunday 12th January at 7pm. Not to be missed!

Photo CreditAfrica's Next Top Model
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