How To Say Hello In 10 African Languages

With 54 countries, the continent of Africa celebrates a number of languages which are characterised by   different accents. I've compiled a list of greetings in singular form; the next time you meet Africans from the following countries you can take it from a simple 'Hello' in their indigenous language ;-)

Jambo in Kiswahili  (Kenya & Tanzania)

Muraho in Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)

Sawubona in Zulu      (South Africa)

Oli otya in Luganda   (Uganda)

Dumela in Tswana     (Botswana)

Ẹ n lẹ in Yoruba        (Nigeria)

Mbóte in Lingala       (Congo)

Mhoro in Shona       (Zimbabwe)

Mulishani in Bemba  (Zambia)

Kudual in Dinka        (Sudan)

How do you say hello in your native language? Share!

Photo Credit: Barnhemmet

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