CVC Media Indie Short Film Competition

CVC Media is a content provider of carefully produced, high quality English language media based on Christian values.
This one of a kind  organisation provides information across Africa and is running a competition for all you aspiring and upcoming filmmakers. This could be your time to share your stories and skills with the rest of Africa and the world at large.
Entries close on December 15th  2013.

Below is the brief:

Attention all aspiring and professional filmmakers, send us your short film!

In the search for innovative, fearless filmmakers, CVC Media invites you to enter the CVC Media short film competition. The challenge is to produce a 1 – 3 minute video that relays a strong message of hope, peace, love, joy and/ or salvation through Jesus Christ, which will appeal to young, vibrant, urban Africans across the continent. Do the research; see what others are doing, and then, go crazy! Consult as a reference to the kinds of videos that we produce. There are no age or experience limitations attached to this awesome competition. It’s all in the name of sharing an inspiring message and good filmmaking!

There is no genre prescribed so films can be in live action, drama, documentary, animation, comedy, or any other preferred format or genre. However just keep in mind we want to reach people who do NOT know Jesus, so avoid “churchy” dialogue and concepts, and absolutely NO CHEESE!

The only compulsory requirements are as follows:

• Produce a film that is entirely original in content

• Is between 1 – 3 minutes in duration (including end credits)

• Abide by all the rules and regulations set out in the terms and conditions of the competition

•There should be no opening credits. All credits should be mentioned at the end.

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Photo Credit: CVC Media
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