Spotlight On The Next Generation Schools (Uganda)

The Next Generation Schools Uganda is a non-governmental organisation partnered with government owned secondary schools in rural areas that was started as part of the Mara Foundation in 2009. Its core purpose is to increase/improve governance, supervision and training with an ethos of putting students first for the provision of good quality free secondary education in Uganda.

To sum it up, the NGS is an organisation playing its role in moving Africa forward through ensuring quality education for students in rural areas most of whom are under privileged and a basic education is indeed a platform for a better future. Like Nelson Mandela said, " education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".  The NGS is a leading example of taking Africa's future leaders to the next level.

I believe as Africans, we do not have to wait for our leaders to invest in our future or to do good for our continent but rather each one of us do their bit, however "small" it may appear.

So well done to The Next Generation Schools creators, you're surely doing a great job!

Below are some of the images illustrating their work:

For more information visit:

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