Review On MTV Base Meets

MTV Base Meets is classified as a lifestyle broadcast comprised of episodes featuring different personalities such as, actors, decision makers, leaders, entrepreneurs and so many more most of whom are internationally recognized for their achievements and the pivotal role they play in their given areas of expertise.

The show gives ordinary Africans both in Africa and the Diaspora to ask questions and gain more insight into the lives of such successful individuals. A show of this caliber is most definitely relevant and a great concept towards Africa’s growth and exposure.

Well, not to dwell on what MTV Base Meets is all about, I just want to share my thoughts thus far.

There is no doubt that it has been an incredible production and still is with features of personalities such as Africa’s richest businessman, Aliko Dangote as named by Forbes. Watching this episode was nothing but eye opening to successful Africans whose hard work has prevailed by all means necessary and has certainly left footprints of hard work, courage and determination.

This episode was one of my favourite although the participants were not as involved in acquiring information from Africa’s richest man. They would’ve done better and asked more questions, it was such a brief gathering and as a viewer, I expected the participants to ask more questions from both their perspective as well as that of a viewer. But then again, this is my opinion. It could be that I expected so much.

What stood out for me was the fact that he doesn’t sleep long hours and he stated that if you want to be the next Dangote, you must not sleep but rather work hard.

Alek Wek, former Sudanese supermodel was part of the MTV Base Meets package. Such a humble soul who has has contributed to human rights in Africa and worldwide. She appears as one from humble beginnings. Throughout Awek’s interaction with the participants, education was a major emphasis and advised youth to stay in school. Education is important, she says.

As a successful entrepreneur and a well renowned supermodel/humanitarian, she still remains humble and grounded.

One of my favourite episodes thus far has got to be with former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo. He is a a definition of a leader in its true meaning. He’s got such a sense of humour and when asked his advise for youth, his words were, “find something you can identify with” inotherwords, we are all destined for something we just need to find meaning and be passionate and work hard at attaining the dream.

Thank you to the MTV Base Meets crew, such great inspiring stories.
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